I ran a playtest of the star ship rules I have been working on.  It was a faceoff between a Battlestar Galactica fleet and a mixed Earth/ISA/Deisho fleet.  I will post pictures and an update to the rules, now to be called Star Bright, soon.

Additionally, I found a pretty decent sent of free ancient naval rules called Fleet of Battle at Wargames Illustrated.  It uses a card based command/control system that factors in the quality of the crew and commander.  Looks like my triremes moved up on the painting priority list.

Greenpeace goes Gaming

Last December, Greenpeace put out a simple two person game called Deep Sea Desperation that focused on protecting ocean habitat for the Greenpeace player and drilling in more difficult places for the Big Oil player.  Lots rather fun.  The main page is here, while the rules are there.  There is a lively discussion about it at The Miniatures Page.

Apparently someone else came up with a game called Save The Whale! about eco-warriors vs. whalers.

Both games are free and look fun to play and educational as well.