On the first day of Christmas

For Christmas, my wife was kind enough to get me a set of C-in-C miniatures, including my first World War 2 miniatures:

  • 10 Soviet T-34D tanks
  • 3 Soviet KV-1 tanks
  • 5 German Panzer 3m tanks
  • 5 German Panzer 4g tanks
  • 3 German Stug IIIg self-propelled gun
  • 4 Dutch Lynx Recon vehicles
  • 4 German Leopard 2A5 (Improved) tanks

As always, the quality and detail of them was astounding.  They proved to be quite clean and had little flashing.  After cleaning them, I primed them with a gray spray primer.  For the Soviet vehicles, I then sprayed them with Tamiya Olive Drab (TS-5).  I fear that they are too dark and the fact that it was 43 degrees out today probably didn't help.  A bit of dry brushing with a lighter olive drab will hopefully help.  

I look forward to trying them with Fistful of TOWs 3 or Kampfgruppe Commander at some point.