4/25 Protest Photographs

On 4/25/2019 I briefly attended the Boston Free Chelsea Manning protest of the incarceration of Chelsea Manning co-organized by BU Students Against Imperialism and MIT Students Against War.

Speakers advocated for pardons for Reality Winner and American Indian Movement Leader Leonard Peltier, as well as stopping the extradition proceedings against Julian Assange and US support for the war in Yemen.

You can find some of the photographs I took of it:

4/25/2019 Boston Free Chelsea Manning Protest

Earlier that day I came across the Protected Bike Lanes Save Lives stand out in Porter Square, Cambridge and took this photograph that I hope communicates the need for separating bike lanes from lanes for automobiles:

Cambridge Bike Safety #RedCupProject Protest

App Privacy Workshop (Updated)

I gave an application privacy workshop at Code for Boston on Tuesday. They recorded my talk on Facebook:

and on YouTube:

I posted the slide deck as a PDF. Feel free to offer suggestions in the comments.

Some of the topics I need to add to the presentation:

  • highlight privacy and security testing;
  • having development/test servers and how to sanitize the data in the development/test database;
  • more about SQL/XSS Injection attacks;
  • review the video for other topics to add.

Warship Wednesday: USS Manchester

Last May, my son and I traveled to Portsmouth New Hampshire to photograph the USS Manchester (LCS-14) which was being commissioned.

It was tied up at the New Hampshire State Port Authority on the Piscataqua River. Since it was a weekend, we were able to setup across the river on Badger Island.

USS Manchester
USS Manchester

Later we moved to Kittery and found an open site off of Rice Ave. that allowed me to change perspective.

USS Manchester
USS Manchester

Also got a few close ups:

USS Manchester
USS Manchester
USS Manchester

Afterwards, we visited the USS Albacore (AGSS-569), but I’ll post those pictures another day.

2018’s Painted Microarmor

2018 was a marginally better year for painting miniatures. Many of them were ones I bought from av8rmongo. I completed:

  • 6 GHQ M1A2
  • 6 GHQ M2A2
  • 6 GHQ M60A3
  • 6 GHQ M106
  • 10 PFC C-in-C Leopard 2A5
  • 4 PFC C-in-C Lynx C&R
  • 1 M1A2 with Mine Plow
  • 1 M9 ACE
  • 4 M105 Deuce
  • 3 PFC C-in-C UH-60s
  • 3 Heroics and Ross UH-60s
  • 2 Heroics and Ross CH-47s
  • 9 Merkava 4
  • 6 Magach 7C

Vehicles in NATO tri-color camouflage were done with Floquil’s NATO Green as the base, overlayed with NATO Brown and NATO Black. Tracks and windows were then dry brushed with Floquil railway dark gray.  I painted the tracks in Floquil Mud and splashed the sides, front and back with the same.

The helicopters’ base was Floquil NATO Green. Windows and wheels were done with Floquil railway dark gray with exhausts in NATO Black.

The Israeli vehicles are done in an unknown Floquil color.

I got out my new macro lens and with a light box, photographed some of the miniatures. I photographed in aperture priority mode at f/16 so I could get most of each miniature in focus. I tried different exposure values to get them bright enough. With the camera settings I used and the light box, I didn’t feel the need to edit them.


GHQ M106
GHQ M106

PFC C-in-C Lynx C&R
PFC C-in-C Lynx


GHQ M1A2 with Mine Plow
GHQ M1A2 with Mine Plow

GHQ M105 Deuce
GHQ M105 Deuce

PFC C-in-C UH-60
PFC C-in-C UH-60

Heroics & Ross UH-60
Heroics & Ross UH-60

Heroics & Ross CH-47
Heroics & Ross CH-47

PFC C-in-C UH-60 close up showing the interior
PFC C-in-C UH-60

Various Israeli Microarmor
Israeli Microarmor

GHQ Merkava 4
GHQ Merkava 4

You can see a slide show of all microarmor photographs I have posted:


Patreon made it easier to troll its users

Scott Helme is a Information Security Consultant. He has a Patreon account on which he posts about computer security issues and which he uses to take in donations for each blog post.  Recently he found out that Patreon suspended his account:

He could still post and people could still signup to support him, but, taking a page from Paypal, Patreon prevented him from withdrawing any of the money people donated.  Eventually, Patreon completed their investigation and emailed him that he was good to go.  He eventually discovered that:

He estimates that account withdrawals were suspended for between 18 and 47 days.

Account takeovers are a real problem. Had his account been taken over, it would be good if someone couldn’t take his money out and notifying the account that they think it might be hacked could tip the hacker.  In that light, it could make sense to act as they did.

Having multiple other methods of contacting the user would have helped in this case…. well unless email, phone number and Signal were compromised. Patreon would need to prove they are who they say they are, of course. Phishing is a problem as well.

That all said, going from one fraudulent pledge to account takeover seems a stretch.

But this incident reminded me of Violet Blue‘s reporting in Engadget about a troll campaign against women AMSR video creators:

Capitalizing on entrenched and easily exploitable anti-sex policies by internet giant payment processors and a new internet sex panic ushered in by FOSTA, 8chan trolls have started a campaign to mass-report attractive women who make ASMR videos. Listing names of women making these sound-effect videos in a forum thread called “PayPal lowering the hammer on ASMRtits” they’ve declared war by posting links to report pages for PayPal, and called upon fellow haters to get the women kicked off YouTube and Patreon as well.

… and that Patreon just added another method for trolls to harass Patreon’s users.  If all it takes is for one fraudulent looking donation to pass into someone’s account to flip the Account Hacked bit, trolls will use Patreon’s process to suspend a user’s ability to withdraw their money for two to six weeks. That would screw up the life of anyone who makes a living via Patreon.

Patreon has more than a customer service problem.

USS Hudner

The USS Hudner, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, was in Boston for its commissioning ceremony.  My son and I saw this ship in August when we travelled to Bath, Maine to photograph the Zumwalt destroyer, USS Monsoor.  However, many of the photographs of the Hudner came out poorly due to distance or an error on my part.

While it was in Boston, I was able to go on a public tour of the Hudner. Most of the photographs are from that outing.

USS Hudner

USS Hudner

USS Hudner Cannon

USS Hudner Bridge

USS Hudner

USS Hudner

The following Saturday, I planned to take pictures when the sun came up. I woke up early, but decided I wanted to sleep more and tried to get back to sleep. After 30 minutes of failing to get back to sleep, I got up, threw the previous day’s clothes on, gathered my camera equipment (except for my remote trigger) and drove to a spot across the Reserve channel, which I probably should not have.

I drove to the lobster boat pier, found a sign that said not to enter, and doubled back to another spot. I parked, gathered my equipment, walked near the waters edge and found a large barge in the way. I decided to try the lobster pier again and found that the do not enter sign applied to a different fenced area, so I drove in. After asking if it was ok to photograph in the area and getting an ok, I grabbed my gear, setup my tripod and took a bunch of photos.

USS Hudner

I watched as a Massachusetts Environmental Police boat appeared, came to the waters edge and dropped a Massachusetts Environmental Police officer off. We talked courteously and he went on his way.

Just then the light peaked through the clouds and lit up the Hudner.

USS Hudner

I got a few more shots of the ship and the surrounding seagulls and decided to drive home. I saw another spot outside the port on the drive home, but ignored it. Since this was likely the last time I would get a chance to photograph any Burke-class destroyer, I turned around and got a few more photos of the ship and a number of birds from a little park.

USS Hudner

USS Hudner Landing Pad

However, the light was higher and much more harsh, so the pictures aren’t nearly as good, unfortunately. You can find all of the pictures I posted at my Flickr album:

USS Hudner

Vote Today

I posted this over at the Massachusetts Pirate Party blog.

Election day is today. Polling places are open until 8pm. You can find your polling place at WhereDoIVoteMA.com.

If you believe you are registered, but you aren’t listed on the voter rolls, don’t walk away. The law says you can demand a provisional ballot and get a receipt. Follow up after the election to make sure they count it, but your vote cannot be counted if you didn’t cast it.

When you vote, we ask you to vote yes on Questions 1 and 3 and support any third-party candidate you agree with. You can find out more about the ballot questions below.

As always, we are looking for candidates for the 2019 town and city elections. If you are interested in running, fill out our supporter/candidate form.

More on the ballot questions

Question 1 would set the maximum number of patients per registered nurse which would vary by type of unit and level of care. Our increasingly corporate-controlled health care providers are against it as it would harm their profits. Send them a message that people deserve decent healthcare and vote yes.

Question 3 prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity in places of public accommodation. The legislature already approved it, but some anti-trans bigots believe that our fellow trans citizens and residents do not deserve equality and are using lies and fear mongering to try to get their way. Don’t let them win; vote yes.

On Question 2, we have not decided. Question 2 would create a citizens commission to advance an amendment to the United States Constitution to limit the influence of money in elections and establish that corporations do not have the same rights as human beings. We do not believe that corporations should have the same rights as individuals and I agree that we need to remove the corrupting influence of money in politics. Considering the influence of the rich and corporations on both major parties and on politics, it is pretty clear that once we open up any citizens process to amend the US Constitution, the rich will do their best to rewrite it in ways that enshrine their power and ideas. What is your opinion? Tell us in a comment below.

The Massachusetts Elections Division has more information on the ballot questions.

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