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Frida Kahlo and Arte Popular Exhibit

Last weekend we visited the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, specifically to see the Gender Bending Fashion exhibit. We also visited the Frida Kahlo and Arte Popular exhibit which is at the MFA until June 19, 2019. The Gender Bending Fashion exhibit, which I will post pictures from later in the week, ends on August 25, 2019.

Here are a number of Frida Kahlo‘s paintings the exhibit displayed such as Two Women (Salvadora and Herminia) – 1928:

Two Women (Salvadora and Herminia) - Frida Kahlo 1928

Self-Portrait with Hummingbird and Thorn Necklace – 1940

Self-Portrait with Hummingbird and Thorn Necklace - Frida Kahlo 1940

Still Life with Parrot and Fruit – 1951

Still Life with Parrot and Fruit - Frida Kahlo 1951

Girl with Death Mask (She Plays Alone) – 1938

Girl with a Death Mask (She Plays Alone) - Frida Kahlo 1938

The Suicide of Dorothy Hale – 1939

The Suicide of Dorothy Hale - Frida Kahlo 1939

The exhibit displayed works of her contemporaries as well such as this painting by María Izquierdo: Cupboard – 1947

Cupboard - María Izquierdo 1947

Gabriel Fernández Ledesma: Girl – 1925

Girl - Gabriel Fernández Ledesma 1925

There were personal items of Frida Kahlo’s as well as articles of clothing that matched those she wore:

Blouse (huipit) - Front
Shawl (rebozo) - Front

Photo of a photo of her pain medicine:

Frida Kahlo's pain medicine

Finally, on the way out I came across this Picasso:

Standing Figure - Pablo Picasso 1908

Or if you want it without the frame:

Standing Figure - Pablo Picasso 1908

My whole photo album of the exhibit including a few pictures that are not displayed here:

Frida Kahlo and Arte Popular

I alternated f-stops between f/1.8 and f/5.6. In general, f/3.5 to f/4 is probably ideal considering the circumstances of limited time in front of each work of art and lighting conditions.

MoS Butterflies

In early April, we went to the Museum of Science. There we visited the Butterfly Garden.

Here are the pictures I am most pleased with. Some were very patient, others weren’t. Focus on the patient ones and play with your f-stop and composition. A decent macro lens can really help, but oh how the depth of field can be thin if your f-stop is to small. A place like the Butterfly Garden, which has a decent amount of light, helps.

Butterfly @ Museum of Science
Butterfly @ Museum of Science
Butterfly @ Museum of Science
Butterfly @ Museum of Science
Butterfly @ Museum of Science

Latest 1/2400 GHQ Ships

I haven’t posted the 1/2400 modern warship miniatures pictures I have accumulated in a while. Since it has been over half a year and the number of pictures is so large, I plan to post the best pictures from a manufacturer each week.

This week the miniatures are from GHQ. Painters are included in the description. You can find the whole archive at When Imagination Fails.

JMSDF Hyuga by gak8346
PRC CV Liaoning by Pete Skaar
PRC FFG JiangkaiII (Type054A) by gak8346
US CVN Ford by rriggles
US LHD Wasp by gak8346
US LPD San Antonio by gak8346
US DDG Burke IIA by gak8346
US FF Knox by gak8346
US LCS2 Independence by gak8346

App Privacy Workshop (Updated)

I gave an application privacy workshop at Code for Boston on Tuesday. They recorded my talk on Facebook:

and on YouTube:

I posted the slide deck as a PDF. Feel free to offer suggestions in the comments.

Some of the topics I need to add to the presentation:

  • highlight privacy and security testing;
  • having development/test servers and how to sanitize the data in the development/test database;
  • more about SQL/XSS Injection attacks;
  • review the video for other topics to add.

2018’s Painted Microarmor

2018 was a marginally better year for painting miniatures. Many of them were ones I bought from av8rmongo. I completed:

  • 6 GHQ M1A2
  • 6 GHQ M2A2
  • 6 GHQ M60A3
  • 6 GHQ M106
  • 10 PFC C-in-C Leopard 2A5
  • 4 PFC C-in-C Lynx C&R
  • 1 M1A2 with Mine Plow
  • 1 M9 ACE
  • 4 M105 Deuce
  • 3 PFC C-in-C UH-60s
  • 3 Heroics and Ross UH-60s
  • 2 Heroics and Ross CH-47s
  • 9 Merkava 4
  • 6 Magach 7C

Vehicles in NATO tri-color camouflage were done with Floquil’s NATO Green as the base, overlayed with NATO Brown and NATO Black. Tracks and windows were then dry brushed with Floquil railway dark gray.  I painted the tracks in Floquil Mud and splashed the sides, front and back with the same.

The helicopters’ base was Floquil NATO Green. Windows and wheels were done with Floquil railway dark gray with exhausts in NATO Black.

The Israeli vehicles are done in an unknown Floquil color.

I got out my new macro lens and with a light box, photographed some of the miniatures. I photographed in aperture priority mode at f/16 so I could get most of each miniature in focus. I tried different exposure values to get them bright enough. With the camera settings I used and the light box, I didn’t feel the need to edit them.


GHQ M106
GHQ M106

PFC C-in-C Lynx C&R
PFC C-in-C Lynx


GHQ M1A2 with Mine Plow
GHQ M1A2 with Mine Plow

GHQ M105 Deuce
GHQ M105 Deuce

PFC C-in-C UH-60
PFC C-in-C UH-60

Heroics & Ross UH-60
Heroics & Ross UH-60

Heroics & Ross CH-47
Heroics & Ross CH-47

PFC C-in-C UH-60 close up showing the interior
PFC C-in-C UH-60

Various Israeli Microarmor
Israeli Microarmor

GHQ Merkava 4
GHQ Merkava 4

You can see a slide show of all microarmor photographs I have posted: