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Welcome! Please don’t mind the mess while I move things about

Welcome to what will be the new site.  I am in the process of working out moving the domain, so for now, html meta forwarding will be it. 

This site will be my main site and blog so if you want to find out what is up with me, my work and my efforts to promote Green politics, this would be it. 

For now, there are some old posts, but I will be adding more soon.

Thanks for visiting!

Pictures from Art Beat Tabling

We were to have a table at Art Beat, but the mayor decided that he
needed to cover his ass after he  banned the Somerville Divestment
Project from having a table.  So as part of Art Beat we setup a virtual
table and encouraged people to make their own street art.

I posted these pictures awhile ago and emailed the link to the a local list.  Now that I have this blog, here are the Art Beat Pictures I took.  Not the best since I took them with my mobile phone, but that was what I have.