Latest 1/2400 Modern Ships

Every week I plan to post the best pictures from a manufacturer of the latest crop of 1/2400 modern warship miniatures pictures I have gathered. There are about eight months more of pictures.

This week the miniatures are from PFC C-in-C, Sea Battle and Sea Wulf. Painters are included in the description. You can find the whole archive at When Imagination Fails.

PFC C-in-C

US BB New Jersey by Scott Price
US CGN Virginia by thingz.u.want4
US CG Belknap by thingz.u.want4

Sea Battle

US AO Willamette by mygirlbree

Sea Wulf

UK DDG County (Exocet version) by gak8346
UK DDG County by gak8346

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  1. Hi James, this is Garry Kinsey. I really apprerciate you putting pictures of my work on line. I didn’t know you had a web site and I’ll watch it. I’m still here and still going. Drop me a note when you are ready to order more ships. I would love to do them for you.

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