Uploaded latest crop of 1/2400 scale warship photos

I recently posted more 1/2400 modern naval warship pictures I have found on the web. Here are some of them. All of the images are at whenimaginationfails.org.


US Independence LCS-2 by gak8346.

PRC LuyangIII/Type52D DDG by gak8346.

PRC Taizhou/Project956EM DDG by gak8346.

PRC YutingII/Type072A LST by gak8346.

US Nimitz and Ford CVN by Scott Price


US Long Beach CGN by gak8346.

US Kidd DDG by scoobjd.

US Forrestal CV & Enterprise CVN by Scott Price.

Viking Forge

PRC LuyangII/Type 052C DDG by gak8346.

PRC JiangkaiII/Type 054A FFG by gak8346.

PRC Yuzhao/Type 071 LPD by gak8346.

FRG Hamburg FFG by gak8346.

FRG Bremen FF by gak8346.

US Whidbey Island LSD by gak8346.

US Thomaston LSD by gak8346.

US Garcia FF by gak8346.

US Iwo Jima LPH by Scott Price.

US Algol T-AKR by gak8346.

US Cape Isabel T-AKR by gak8346


Soviet/Russian Zubr LCAC by gak8346.

PRC Type 056 Corvette by gak8346.

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