In July, my sons and I went to Danehy Park in Cambridge to see Comet NEOWISE. We got there before sunset to find a good position on the hill in the park.

Sunset from Danehy Park

It wasn’t the best location, even besides the mosquitos that came out after dusk, but it was a good opportunity to try time lapse/astro photography.

A night out with Comet NEOWISE

It wasn’t easy to find Comet NEOWISE with the naked eye, so I pointed my camera in the right direction, took a long exposure photograph, then checked if the comet was in the photograph. Whether it was there or not, I repositioned the camera to either find it or get a better picture of it.

A night out with Comet NEOWISE

It was an iterative process.

A night out with Comet NEOWISE

I played with the duration of the photographs experiencing that long durations at high focal lengths result in star trails. Some had a good balance.

A night out with Comet NEOWISE

The next day, clad in bug spray and long pants, my son and I tried photographing the comet from the top of the Alewife MBTA stop garage in Cambridge. The combination of the clouds and the bright garage lights hindered my efforts to get decent pictures. It was a good scouting opportunity. Unfortunately, the weather since hasn’t been great so it was good we went out the earlier night.

Flowers and a Spider

Photographed flowers in the yard recently. No use of focus peaking this time, but I used HeliconFocus to stitch the sharp part of images together. Click on the images to view them in more detail. You can then zoom into them further.

One among many Raspberry dewdrops Getting the day started The real raspberry creator Pretty weed

Also found this spider in our house. It was a mostly willing model, but eventually it had had enough.

Ready for my closeup Done with modeling

All images taken with my Sigma 105mm f/2.8 macro lens on my Nikon Z 50 via the Nikon FTZ adapter.

Boston Facial Recognition Ban Hearing Today

Reposting this from the Massachusetts Pirate Party. If you live in Boston, do contact your city councilor and tell them to support this ordinance. Details below.

Today at 3pm, Boston City Council’s Committee on Government Operations will discuss a proposed ordinance to ban face surveillance in Boston. The hearing will be by Zoom meeting and the public may watch this meeting via live stream at

It is too late to address the committee, but you can still provide written testimony. Details below. The ACLU put together a toolkit for activists that includes model testimony. There are also public education resources available at

Please attend the hearing and help out in the following ways:

  1. Sign and share the ACLU’s petition in support of the campaign:;
  2. Encouraging your friends and family in Boston to provide testimony in support of this ordinance;
  3. If you live in Boston, contact your city councilor and tell them to support this ordinance. You can find a list and email them at The ACLU has a toolkit for activists that includes contact information for the city councilors.

Written comments may be sent to the Committee or staff email (below) and will be made a part of the record and available to all Councilors.

Email: Attn:  Christine O’Donnell, Docket #0683 

Fax Number:  617-635-4203 Attn:  Christine O’Donnell, Docket #0683 

Mail Address:  Docket #0683, City Council, City Hall, 5th Floor, Boston MA  02201

Rhododendron flower

With the warmer weather of Spring, our Rhododendron is blooming. I continued my adventure with macro photography and focus stacking by taking multiple images of some of the flowers. This one was the best:

Rhododendron flower

I zoomed in on my camera’s screen and manually focused the lens for each photograph. Next time I will try using focus peaking.

Robins in the Rain

I played with my new camera yesterday by photographing the birds that gathered in our back yard. Due to the rain and a desire not to scare them off, I took most of them through the back door window, which wasn’t as bad as I expected.

The ISO of the images is higher than it should be and they may not be as sharp as I would like since I haven’t learned the autofocus system well. Rather impressed by the camera, though. A noticeable improvement over my Nikon D3300.

At least the birds are free to move about even if we aren’t during the pandemic.

The sun will come out tomorrow Robins in the Rain Robins in the Rain Turn your back on the world

Latest Photos

Last December, I went up to the roof top park in Kendall Sq. and photographed some of the buildings and construction in the square. I put together two panoramas from the photos:

Google from the Kendall Sq. Roof Garden 310 Main Street, Kendall Sq.

That rainy day, I also found this splash of water on the MBTA Red Line car floor that had a particularly anarchist look to it:

Anarchy on the MBTA

Finally, found some more moon man graffiti:

Moon men keeping an eye out for trouble.

Boston Anti-War March January 2020

Finally getting around to editing past photos. These are from the Boston Anti-War March on January 4th, 2020. I start with the ones I liked that I consciously composed.

In this one I wanted to contrast the Veterans for Peace flag with the Boston Police surveillance camera, but didn’t quite get enough of the camera in the photograph. What I did get, looming over, is the church (religion) and the office building (finance/bosses/capitalism) in the murky distance. Probably too subtle, but I like it:

01/04/2020 Anti-War Protest

Later in the march we reached part of the theater district which was well lit on a rainy afternoon. I liked the contrast between the bright theater lights and the warmly clad protesters:

01/04/2020 Anti-War Protest

I was trying to position the star over the protesters, but I was too close to get the composition I wanted with the next photograph:

01/04/2020 Anti-War Protest

I liked the contrast between the man, at work in a jewelry store, watching the protesters flags and banners march by:

01/04/2020 Anti-War Protest

One of the better photographs of people recording the march, though I should have moved a bit more to the right:

01/04/2020 Anti-War Protest

Some of the signs:

01/04/2020 Anti-War Protest 01/04/2020 Anti-War Protest 01/04/2020 Anti-War Protest

You can also view other photos I took from the march:

01/04/2020 Anti-War Protest

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