Latest 1/2400 GHQ Ships

I haven’t posted the 1/2400 modern warship miniatures pictures I have accumulated in a while. Since it has been over half a year and the number of pictures is so large, I plan to post the best pictures from a manufacturer each week.

This week the miniatures are from GHQ. Painters are included in the description. You can find the whole archive at When Imagination Fails.

JMSDF Hyuga by gak8346
PRC CV Liaoning by Pete Skaar
PRC FFG JiangkaiII (Type054A) by gak8346
US CVN Ford by rriggles
US LHD Wasp by gak8346
US LPD San Antonio by gak8346
US DDG Burke IIA by gak8346
US FF Knox by gak8346
US LCS2 Independence by gak8346

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