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Applied primer and tan base coat for the ancient galleys. I took some pictures before I primed them and applied the base coat.  I'll post them when I can.

Drilled mount holes in the Minbari, Shadow and Vorlon ships.  The Whitestar mount holes were fine.

Primed all of the Minbari in grey, primed the Vorlon ships in white and the Shadow battlecrabs in black.  Primed the Whitestars in grey, then spray painted them silver.

Still have to drill holes in the Earth ships and prime them in grey.  Then I will be prepared for winter.

On the workbench

Well, really not a workbench, more in storage in the cellar until I take them out and do something with them.  Anyway, what I am prepping and painting.

For the ancient ships I have finished removing any flashing and have started to glue together:

  • 12 Athenian Triremes
  • 12 Phoenician Triremes
  • 6 Quadremes
  • 3 Heptares

For the Babylon 5 ships I have finished removing any flashing and have started to glue together and/or drill mounting holes for a number them including some whitestars, 3 shadow ships, 2 vorlon lt. cruisers and a bunch of earth alliance and minbari capital ships.

And I have put on hold some UK 1/285th armor that I have primed and have applied a base coat to.  FV432s, Scorpions/Scimitars/Spartans/etc.  I need to get the others built, primed and with a base coat before the cold weather comes.