A Force More Powerful Game Available

A FORCE MORE POWERFUL – The Game of NONVIOLENT Strategy is now available.

It is a computer game that allows people to try their hand at defeating dictators, military occupiers, and
corrupt rulers–not with laser rays and AK47s–but with a non-military strategy
and nonviolent weapons.

It is only $19.95 plus shipping/handling.

It looks really cool and will be quite a useful tool for teaching nonviolent strategy.

Now if it had a US scenario.

One thought on “A Force More Powerful Game Available”

  1. It does have a US scenario — a president with thin support has started a preemptive war for energy resources, and the group of veterans coming home from the frontlines are starting to rally the “Time’s Up” coalition. As player, you are a nonviolence advisor to the growing alliance of vets, labor, independent media, students, and interfaith groups. . . sound familiar?

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