A thought about what to update in By Will Alone

Thankfully during my period of inactivity w.r.t. By Will Alone, my subconscious has been thinking.  One thing I need to add is some way to determine who "won".  My subconscious suggested that the winner of a confrontation should get a certain number of "victory" points.  If the winner resorted to violence, then the get fewer "victory" points as they used more violence to win the confrontation. 

The presence of media would serve to magnify the gain or loss.  If the winner was nonviolent, then their points would be magnified.  If they used violence, then the loss of points due to the use of violence would be magnified.

Another possibility would be to weigh the gain or loss depending on who is doing the reporting.  Media friendly to the government would reduce the loss of victory points due to its use of violence.  Media opposing the government would magnify the loss of victory points.

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