Twitter or Jaiku or something else?

A year ago, I signed up for Jaiku and Twitter.  I was really enamored of Jaiku.  Nice look.  Merged all your feeds in one place and had a nice group feature that allowed group members to post to the common group area.  I was really looking forward to the later feature since I think it would be a great way to get multiple Green-Rainbow Party micro bloggers together in one virtual place.

A former co-worker of mine asked me which I prefered.  I told her Jaiku for the reasons I mentioned above – no doubts.

Since then, truth be told, I really don't use Jaiku any longer, but instead rely on Twitter.  The google acquisition of Jaiku seemed to halt them in their tracks, as it seems to have with blogger.  I was really looking forward to being able to control who could be in a group, but Jaiku doesn't seem to have added that feature.  Being able to limit membership of a group is really key for an organization, especially with recent issues the GRP has had with abusive ex-members, not to mention the yahoos who might post to it to get their message out to our supporters.  I don't want to create group-think, but being able to keep the messages civil is key.

Plus, Twitter's integration with Facebook is great.  I just update in Twitter and it just appears in Facebook and Plaxo.  The Jaiku facebook app only seems to say that there is something new, not what it is.

I had thought of using Jaiku to aggregate all of my RSS feeds into one place, but I am less inclined to do that since, I doubt anyone is interested in viewing my feeds in one go, and since I really have no need to create a Feed-o-Jamie of my postings on different blogs.

If Jaiku updates their software and Facebook plugin, I'll take a fresh look at it, but for now I will be twittering.

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