Project Sweet Tooth

I have kept my new year resolutions to a minimum this year.  I figure that less is more in this case. 

I have a sweet tooth and I am overweight.  So my primary resolution is to cut back on eating sweets.  This includes soft drinks.  Lemonade is allowed, but has to be watered down by half.  To spur my efforts, I decided to provide an incentive to myself.  For each day that I do not eat sweets, I bank an hour for "me time".  That includes my hobbies, side projects, Green-Rainbow Party activities and surfing the web. This way, I have two limits.

So far I have gone seven days without eating sweets or drinking soft drinks.  I find that I am hungrier, so I am trying to eat more fruit and vegetables.  I even resisted the donuts during a work meeting, which is quite the achievement since I tend to have little will power with them.

Wish me luck.

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