And in Iceland

Common Dreams has a great article
by Rebecca Solnit on the situation on Iceland (from TomDispatch).  She
goes into more depth than other articles I have seen and provides some
useful analysis and history.   I liked the characterization of Iceland
as a hedge fund and a country rolled into one. 

There is now a Socialist & Left-Green coalition running the
government.  Everyone seems to be blaise about the fact that the new PM
is an out lesbian, which is most gratifying.  It also looks like the
Left-Green Party *may* come out on top in the April elections, though
we shall see.  Back in October, Doug Henwood interviewed Ögmundur Jónasson, head of the Left Green delegation in the Icelandic parliament on his radio show.  If you don't, you should subscribe to his newsletter, or at least read his blog.

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