Corporate Cable TV rewrites The Prisoner

Stop reading if you haven't watched AMC's remake of The Prisoner.  I know, hard to believe since it came out over a week ago, but just wanted to warn you.

I finished it, and while I thought it was interesting to watch, I didn't care for am not quite sure about the ending.  I could deal with the shared consciousness aspect of it, though I kept waiting for the jack in the head, ala The Matrix.  But, protecting people by keeping them under surveillance?  A slightly benign 1984 for people with mental illness, drug problems, anger management issues or who just don't fit in.  Of course the corporate, capitalist world would want it.  People are productive while also compliant.  Notice that besides Number 2 (and his family), the elite who weren't quite elite
because there is no Number 1 after all, there were no well healed in
evidence in The Village.

Io9 has a useful review as does RevolutionSF and Wired.

Still, the little bits of the original series such as the penny-farthing bicycle, the symbol of the Village from the original series, hanging in the Go Inside Bar were nice touches.  Now, I'll just have to go back and watch the original series.

Be seeing …

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