Besides the RedMassGroup.com (Republicans, not Socialists sadly) & BlueMassGroup.com (Democrats), we now have GoldMassGroup.com (Libertarians), GreenMassGroup.com (Greens) and PurpleMassGroup.com (anti-Libertarian Republicans & Democrats or something or other).  There is one thing that unites them all it seems: registering their domain in the .com top-level domain.

I have noticed that many political campaigns register and advertise their internet presence with a .com domain.  Why?  .com domains are for for-profit companies, which political campaigns & groups are not supposed to be.  .org works fine, is for non-profit entities, which political campaigns are ostensibly, and the price difference of registering in .org isn't measurably different.

It must be a pet peeve of mine, but I think, on some level, they are revealing the truth that our political system is dominated by corporations.

2 thoughts on “Politicians.com”

  1. Good point, but since domains can be setup to point to other domains, there is no harm in registering both and then having the .com point to the .org. That is what I do with my .com & .net domains.
    Most political campaign sites register both, but they have the .org point to the .com and they use the .com in their literature, bumper stickers, t-shirts and trinkets.

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