Always paint your ships all at once

Last weekend I prep'd and primed a whole bunch of star ships from Ravenstar's Cold Navy line in a medium gray. I finally got the chance to paint the base coat on a set of six Deisho ships to complement the nine other ships I had painted.

Unfortunately, it had been about half a year since I painted, and the base color, a Floquil dark gray, proved to be darker than the previous attempt and I must have put the color on too thick. The new ships came out in a far darker and more green than the previous try. I compensated by making a wash with water and the Floquil concrete, which lightened the base color but, as expected, left more of the concrete color in crevasses. I solved that problem by painting the crevasses with a dark gray wash.

The effect will be nice once I detail the ships, but I didn't get the base color to match well enough. Hopefully, when I apply the base coat to the third group, it will look more like the first group and not the group I am working on now.

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