Prometheus & Brave

The two movies I have most eagerly anticipated are Prometheus and Brave.  Thankfully I was able to see both of them over the last week.  I won't say anything about their plots since I don't want to spoil them for you, but will only talk about my own perceptions of them.

Prometheus is a loose prequel to Alien, that while not connecting the dots completely and so leaving room for a sequel, generally succeeds in that effort.  I had glanced at multiple reviews that panned it, but I went into it firmly intent to willfully suspend my disbelief.  While I am sure that there is a back story that explains some of the weirdness in the decisions the characters made, all in all I found the story worked and certainly kept up its rapid pace.  While I feel the first scene should have been deleted to maintain the mystery of the aliens, I was not taken aback that the characters could be quite as stupid or a noble as they were.  Doubtless, the story would have been better if they had spent an additional half an hour to flesh out the characters, but all in all Prometheus succeeded as an action/horror film.

Brave didn't telegraph its plot nearly as much Prometheus, and managed to surprise me about 1/3 of the way through the story, though looking back on it it probably shouldn't have.  Pixar, as usual, developed its characters and showed us why we should care about them.  That the two major characters are female is a welcome change from their past movies, and while there are meta similarities to Finding Nemo, the story is original.  While I was left thinking it was a bit too short and knew it would have a happy ending, it still managed to choke me up, though not nearly as well as the final scenes in Monsters Inc.

The one failing that both Prometheus and Brave have, however, is that both studios released far too many mini-trailers or behind the scenes clips.  I feel that they distracted from the mystery in both films.  

That all said, I certainly feel that both films are well worth seeing in a theater, preferably with as large a screen as possible, and both will improve with future viewings.

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