So you think you have privacy?

I caught the tail end of the Enemies of the State talk from this year's Chaos Communications Congress 29C3 Panel. US Department of Justice ethics advisor Jesselyn Radack, as well as Thomas Drake and William Binney, who had significant positions in the NSA, talked about being whistleblowers and the increase of the US surveillance state.

In light of the recent Senate vote to allow the US government, basically the National Security Agency (NSA), to secretly spy on everyone (including anyone in the US) without judicial oversight, I highly recommend that you watch it.  We can pretty much kiss our 4th Amendment rights good bye for the next five years.  Better start to encrypt everything you send out on the Internet.

Speaking of US government surveillance, tonight I plan to read as much as I can about the Partnership for Civil Justice’s FOIA of FBI materials on Occupy Wall Street.  Naked Capitalism has a great write up - Banks Deeply Involved in FBI-Coordinated Suppression of “Terrorist” Occupy Wall Street, as does Naomi Wolf,  and a bit by Glenn Greenwald.  Then of course there is the Partnership for Civil Justice's summary, and the actual (redacted) documents.  More later.

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