Monday: Honor the Memory of Aaron Swartz

From a post I wrote on the Massachusetts Pirate Party website.

I only got to meet Aaron Swartz once.  It was a great conversation and I feel lucky to have had that brief time to talk with him.

When I heard he died nearly a year ago, like many I was shocked and saddened.  His death was not only a loss for his family and friends, but was our loss.

Yet, I feel I have a special bond with Aaron.  You see on that January day, I realized that his death was on the birthday of one of my children.  Later I discovered that his birth date was the same as that of my other child.  That realization comforted me for when I look at my kids I will always remember him.

On Monday, January 13 starting at 3pm, Pirates will join with others to honor the memory of Aaron Swartz.  We hope you will join us.

We will gather in front of the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse, One Courthouse Way in Boston.  To get there by MBTA, take the Silver line to the Courthouse Station, or the Red line to South Station and walk.

The memorial will last from 3:00pm until 7:00pm.

There is a Facebook event with more details as well as demanding Carmen Ortiz’s job.

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