Updated: New Nikon Mirrorless Camera Designs Appear

Nikon Rumors posted pictures from chizai-watch (translated) of a new Nikon mirrorless camera design, probably an APS-C camera. What is more interesting is that there are two other cameras registered on the same day: another APS-C camera without an EVF (translated) and a camera that looks much like the Z6/Z7 full frame camera (translated), but doesn’t indicate whether the sensor is full frame or APS-C.

The other APS-C camera (which I’ll call Za) is missing two dotted squares with curved front corners on either side of the shoe that are on the APS-C camera that Nikon Rumors mentioned (which I will call Zb). Update: Just noticed that camera Za is also missing the microphone next to the top dial in camera Zb.

Za Top View

Zb Top View (note the two dotted squares with curved front corners on either side of the shoe)

Za Front View

Zb Front View

Za Back View

Zb Back View

Not sure what the dotted squares are intended to be, though guesses are:

  • a small digital display as with the Z6/Z7
  • popup flash
  • popup EVF

Looking at the back view for both cameras, there is a port between the hot shoe and the top dial for both cameras that could be a port for an EVF that also hooks into the hot shoe. Just to the left of the hot shoe in the Zb is an rectangle with rounded corners. Could be a port of some kind.

Za Back View

Zb Back View

Both cameras have:

  • the same button layout
  • top dial
  • front grip dial
  • back grip dial
  • two function keys as in the Z6/7
  • tilt out screen which, without the EVF, could rotate upwards ala Sony-series cameras
  • one compartment for the memory card(s)

Both cameras seem to lack compartments for:

  • USB port
  • HDMI port
  • Audio in port
  • Headphone port

It is possible that the USB port is hidden in the memory card compartment.

Above the memory card compartment is a rectangular shape that could contain access to a USB port and/or audio in port:

It seems unlikely that one of the two dotted squares with curved front corners on either side of the shoe in camera Zb slides out to reveal such ports, but it is possible.

The third camera looks very much like the Z6/7 and might be just the Z6/Z7:

The design does not indicate what size sensor it uses. It could be anything from the Z6/7, the rumored high megapixel Z8, a lower end full frame Z5 or a high end APS-C Z4.

If it is a new camera and considering that the Z6/7 have the same body, it would make sense for Nikon to use the same body for the full frame/high end APS-C camera bodies. The Z8 might be a stretch if only because of the greater heat such a sensor generates. Keeping the number of distinct bodies to a minimum would help Nikon keep costs down especially with declining camera sales.

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