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Trifle recipe

This is, roughly, the trifle recipe we have used and was passed down from my wife’s mother.  I brought it in to work during the holidays and it was liked so much, I was asked to write down the recipe. Hope it brings you much enjoyment.


  • 1 pound cake
  • One 6oz or two 4oz packages of a fruit jello (Strawberry or Raspberry are good)
  • Berries fresh or frozen. I used two bags of frozen berries and some fresh berries for the topping)
  • Bird’s Custard Powder
  • 1-2 Pt Whipping cream


  1. Get a trifle dish
  2. Cut up a pound cake loaf into slices, maybe 1/3” wide
  3. Place the pound cake slices to make a wall around the bottom edge of the dish, then fill in the bottom of the dish with the pound cake slices.
  4. Make a fruit jello according to the instructions.  I used one 6 oz package, but two 4 oz packages might have been better
  5. Pour the jello so it covers the pound cake.  To avoid floating pound cake slices, you might want to make only 4 oz and pour it in so it covers the bottom layer, let set, then make the other 4oz package and pour that in.
  6. Pour in some berries.  They should float.
  7. Let your jello set the required time.  I did it overnight, but I think it only takes an hour or two.
  8. Make at least 1 Pt of custard according to the Bird’s Custard Powder directions
  9. Pour the custard into the dish so it covers the jello
  10. Let the custard set.  I did it over night, but whatever the packaging gives as the right time should work.
  11. Whip your whipping cream and pour it in so it covers the custard and ideally reaches the edge.
  12. Decoratively cover whipping cream with fresh berries.
  13. Serve

Redesigned my blog

I have found that using Facebook and Twitter aren't allowing me the level of expression I want, so I will be moving more of my activity back to my blog.  To encourage me to post more on my blog and because of my Pirate affiliations, I redesigned it.  Additionally, I decided to merge several of my blogs, some of which I kept at arms length, into my main blog.  A small part of personal transparency.

I have more work to do including updating the domain names and resizing images, but all in all I am happy with it.  Expect me to post more here.

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A quote that made me laugh

"I laugh when I hear the humanists whining about the reduction of people
to ciphers. What makes them think the destruction of men complete with
tricked-up names is any less inhuman than their destruction as a set of
numbers? I have already said that the obscure antagonism between the
would-be progressives and the reactionaries boils down to this: should
people be smashed by punishments or by rewards? As for the reward of
celebrity, thanks for nothing!" – Raoul Vaneigem, The Revolution of Everyday Life, Chapter 15 (Roles), Section 5.

More seriously:

"When people are overtaken by joie de vivre they are lost to leadership
and stage management of any kind. Only by starving the revolutionary
masses of joy can one become their master: uncontained, collective
pleasure can only go from victory to victory." – same as above, Section 6.