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Domains moved over. Yeah!

It took a bit, but it is finally done.  I have moved over to a new domain name provider, and hooked them up to this blog.  Email works as well.  With this change I can now create subdomains and made the three photo albums on this blog their own subdomains.  Also, I added the latest few Twitter posts to the front page and rearranged some of the items.

I am very pleased.

Twitter or Jaiku or something else?

A year ago, I signed up for Jaiku and Twitter.  I was really enamored of Jaiku.  Nice look.  Merged all your feeds in one place and had a nice group feature that allowed group members to post to the common group area.  I was really looking forward to the later feature since I think it would be a great way to get multiple Green-Rainbow Party micro bloggers together in one virtual place.

A former co-worker of mine asked me which I prefered.  I told her Jaiku for the reasons I mentioned above – no doubts.

Since then, truth be told, I really don't use Jaiku any longer, but instead rely on Twitter.  The google acquisition of Jaiku seemed to halt them in their tracks, as it seems to have with blogger.  I was really looking forward to being able to control who could be in a group, but Jaiku doesn't seem to have added that feature.  Being able to limit membership of a group is really key for an organization, especially with recent issues the GRP has had with abusive ex-members, not to mention the yahoos who might post to it to get their message out to our supporters.  I don't want to create group-think, but being able to keep the messages civil is key.

Plus, Twitter's integration with Facebook is great.  I just update in Twitter and it just appears in Facebook and Plaxo.  The Jaiku facebook app only seems to say that there is something new, not what it is.

I had thought of using Jaiku to aggregate all of my RSS feeds into one place, but I am less inclined to do that since, I doubt anyone is interested in viewing my feeds in one go, and since I really have no need to create a Feed-o-Jamie of my postings on different blogs.

If Jaiku updates their software and Facebook plugin, I'll take a fresh look at it, but for now I will be twittering.

The woes of too many friends in too many places

Now that I am on a number of social networking sites, I find that syncing up my friends/contacts to be a chore.  I am able to sync up my phone with my computer address book and with one on-line service, but sharing contact info with other services is one way and requires that I export my list from one service as a csv file and import it into another.

Well along comes the Portable Contacts APIDavid Recordon has an article about efforts to integrate this api with various services.  Facebook is not among them unfortunately.

Of course when it becomes stable, I'll have to put it in kularing.