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Uploaded latest crop of 1/2400 scale warship photos

I recently posted more 1/2400 modern naval warship pictures I have found on the web. Here are some of them. All of the images are at


US Independence LCS-2 by gak8346.

PRC LuyangIII/Type52D DDG by gak8346.

PRC Taizhou/Project956EM DDG by gak8346.

PRC YutingII/Type072A LST by gak8346.

US Nimitz and Ford CVN by Scott Price


US Long Beach CGN by gak8346.

US Kidd DDG by scoobjd.

US Forrestal CV & Enterprise CVN by Scott Price.

Viking Forge

PRC LuyangII/Type 052C DDG by gak8346.

PRC JiangkaiII/Type 054A FFG by gak8346.

PRC Yuzhao/Type 071 LPD by gak8346.

FRG Hamburg FFG by gak8346.

FRG Bremen FF by gak8346.

US Whidbey Island LSD by gak8346.

US Thomaston LSD by gak8346.

US Garcia FF by gak8346.

US Iwo Jima LPH by Scott Price.

US Algol T-AKR by gak8346.

US Cape Isabel T-AKR by gak8346


Soviet/Russian Zubr LCAC by gak8346.

PRC Type 056 Corvette by gak8346.

Updated picture archive of 1/2400 modern warship miniatures

Been sick of late, so in between sleeping, I updated my picture archive of 1/2400 modern warship miniatures. Here is a selection of the best of the new pictures.

Superior (top) and GHQ (bottom) Soviet Kiev-class CVs by Todd Hammond

PFC C-in-C Soviet Moskva CVH by Todd Hammond. I am not sure if the flight deck is a decal or an excellent paint job.

GHQ USS Ford CVN by Scott Price

and by Chuck Seegert

USS Enterprise CVN by M. Razali (Superior)

and by Kenneth Hall (Viking Forge)

Sea Battle USS Iwo Jima-class LPH (foreground) and oiler (back ground). By M. Razali (Viking Forge also casts these miniatures)

Superior USS Long Beach CGN by gak8346

Shapeways USS Kidd DDG by gak8346

Various PRC war and supply ships by Shark73

Various 1/2400 scale Soviet/Russian GHQ aircraft by caviles

Painted 1/2400 scale miniatures [Updated]

Here are some painted 1/2400 scale modern/cold war naval miniatures. Everything except the Type 022 missile boats is painted by gak8346.

Decals by Flight Deck Decals 2400. Bases without wakes are from Litko using their Base Maker product. The carrier bases are 2″ by 6″ with a 3mm curved edge. Trawlers and Houbei Type 022 bases are 0.5″ by 1.75″. Bases with wakes are from Old Dominion Game Works.

I tried different camera settings so I could get multiple miniatures in focus.

Chinese Houbei (Type 022) 1/2400 Miniature Missile Boats

These are used as civilian ships or dummy markers:

Viking Forge WW1 Generic Fishing Trawlers

1/2400 scale container ships

Viking Forge Sealift Pacific transport oiler 1/2400 miniature

These are passive contact or dummy markers:

Passive sensor contact markers

A comparison of Viking Forge and GHQ Nimitz CVNs:

US Nimitz class Cold War Era US Modern Naval 1/2400 miniatures

US Nimitz class Cold War Era US Modern Naval 1/2400 miniatures

And here are a few more of the many pictures I uploaded:

Viking Forge Modern 1/2400 miniatures

Viking Forge Cape Isabel RO-RO US Cold War Era/Modern Naval 1/2400 miniature

Viking Forge SS Algol RO-RO US Cold War-era/Modern 1/2400 miniature

If you want to see all of them, they are in this album:

1/2400 Naval Miniatures

Latest update of Modern Naval 1/2400 ship pictures

Finally got around to updating my cache of modern naval 1/2400 scale miniatures. Here are few select images:

GHQ Zumwalt-class Destroyer (Painted by rriggles):

GHQ Zumwalt-class Destroyer (Painted by rriggles)

Picked up this PFC C-in-C Tarawa from ebay. It is missing a few parts that I hope to get from PFC C-in-C. Picture by Noble Knight.

PFC C-in-C Tarawa. Picture by Noble Knight.

Superior Tarawa-class LHA (Painted by gak8346)

Superior Tarawa-class LHA (Painted by gak8346)

Superior Garcia-class Frigate (Painted by gak8346)

Superior Garcia-class Frigate (Painted by gak8346)

Superior Knox-class Frigate (Painted by gak8346)

Superior Knox-class Frigate (Painted by gak8346)

Viking Forge Cyclone-class patrol craft (Painted by rriggles)

Viking Forge Cyclone-class patrol craft (Painted by rriggles)

Updated 1/2400 Post-WW2 Naval Miniatures Pictures

I updated my collection of 1/2400 scale post-WW2 naval miniatures pictures including those people posted at the GHQ Models forum or The Miniatures Page Naval Forum:

PRC CV Liaoning (GHQ)

PRC DDG Taizhou (GHQ)

US CVN Nimitz (GHQ)

PRC FAC Houbei/Type 022 (Shapeways)

Posted by gak8346 on ebay:

US Coast Guard Bear Cutter (Viking Forge)

US Coast Guard Reliance Cutter (Viking Forge)

Or from Odin Arts & Collectables pictures of PFC C-in-C miniatures (thanks ww2navyguy!):

US BB New Jersey

US CGN Virginia

US DDG Arleigh Burke Flight I

US LHA Tarawa

I would very much like to see the Tarawa back in stock, but Randy at PFC C-in-C says it isn’t likely. If you are interested in helping to get enough buyers to convince him, please email me.

Posted 1/2400 Post-WW2 Naval Miniature Pictures

I have steadily gathered a cache of pictures that I have now archived for your reference and viewing pleasure. Eventually, I will put them in a useful browser order using s jolly H4‘s comprehensive list.

Finding pictures of miniatures, painted or not, via searches tends to turn up very few pictures. The best sources tend to be the few blogs of modern naval miniatures players (av8rmongo being a good one) or people selling them on eBay. The most prolific purveyor of said painted miniatures is gak8346. One of which is shown above.

If you want to share pictures with the collection, would like attribution for your picture, or want me to take your picture down, email me at jokeefe at jamesokeefe dot org.