Nonviolent action game update

A quick update on the game.  I am in the midst of rewriting it and have the key game mechanics done.  I borrowed some of the game mechanics from Crossfire, an innovative World War II company level miniatures combat game.  The key things I borrowed from it are:

  1. No fixed turns.  Players can continue to act while they have the initiative.  When they lose the initiative, turn passes to the other player (or team of players).
  2. No measuring.  Units move from feature to feature (street intersections for example) rather than fixed distances.  Some units will be able to move more than one feature each time (i.e. vehicles).

My game also focuses much more on command and control than the previous version.

I also decided to change the title from With Weapons of Will to By Will Alone, though that isn't a definite.

I hope to start playtesting it in limited venues before January with larger play tests in January.  I want to have a game ready for Havoc, a miniature gaming convention in Massachusetts in March.

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