Painting progress: FA Whitestars & Shadow Cruisers/Scouts

Over the last few days I have been able to finish up a bunch of the Babylon 5 miniatures.  The sixteen AOG Fleet Action scale Whitestars are done.  The three Shadow scouts are done (I glued them together either before priming or after.)  The Shadow cruisers just await gluing. 

A bit on how I painted them.

For the whitestars I:

  1. primed them in gray,
  2. painted them with two coats of Testors Acryl silver paint,
  3. made up a wash of Floquil German Mauve (i.e. purple) and water (I forgot the ratio, but it was mostly water), and washed the entire miniature since they are small.  If it looked like there was too much purple, I would use the brush to better distribute it.  I put two coats on the top and one on the bottom.  The effect is to give it a splotchy purple/silver pattern,
  4. painted the weapons in gunmetal,
  5. finally, after a night or two of drying, I sprayed them with Testors glosscote.

For the Shadow ships I:

  1. primed them in black,
  2. painted them with two coats of Floquil NATO Black,
  3. made a wash of the Testors Acryl Silver (16 drops) and water (80 drops) and spread it over the miniatures using the same technique as the whitestars.  I coated both sides twice.  As a result the miniatures have bits of silver sprinkled over the black that looks similar to what the ships are supposed to look like   [Note: Looking at them now, I think I either needed to add more silver paint
    to the wash or do more washes.  The silver shows up better when the
    light isn't quite as bright as daylight.],
  4. finally, after drying, I sprayed them with Testors glosscote.

I like the way they came out and hope to post pictures before the weekend is over.

Now that I have gotten a hang of the wash technique, I am looking forward to starting work on some of the ancient Greek and Phoenician triremes I primed and sprayed with a tan base coat.

3 thoughts on “Painting progress: FA Whitestars & Shadow Cruisers/Scouts”

  1. Great info on how to paint these–thanks for posting it!
    Bookmarked this page as I am new to minis and have several B5 minis to paint (both regular and fleet action scale.)

  2. Thanks, Mark. I’ll be working on the Vorlons next I hope. However, in that case I’ll be borrowing someone else’s technique to which I will link, of course.

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