Playing Heroscape with my son

My son has been playing Heroscape for over a year now and quite enjoys it.  My wife and I have a fun time playing against him.  He has a tendency to set the terrain and forces to suit his tastes.  Since that tends to include the monsters, my wife and I are left with the outnumbered humans.  We do our best against stacked odds and just have a fun time.

In a recent game we had, he and a friend followed standard practice of selecting all of the heavies and the very advantageous terrain.  I decided to even the odds.  Since he laid out the terrain and chose the forces, I got to decide from which direction to attack.  Naturally, I attacked from the rear.  To make sure things weren't too much in my favor, I chose a smaller force that was high on ranged weapons and low on Vikings. 

The attack went well and I ended up destroying most of his heavies and his hive.  I should have set my objectives better since I let myself get bogged down fighting his light forces instead of destroying his commander.  With my remaining Samurai, I got to a hex away from him, before succumbing to his light forces.  Oh well.

The next game my son and a different friend set up their side of the board.  I setup the side for my wife and I with lots of high terrain that our ranged forces could use to good effect.  We did pretty well, holding off my son's light forces and taking down many of the heavies run by my son's friend.  Our forces got whittled away, though, and we were left with the Vikings and a lone four-eyed wolf-like beast.  I decided to have my remaining forces perform a fighting withdrawal.  Amazingly, the four-eyed wolf-beast took down their dragon and I called off the withdrawal and just played to the death.  We lost, but took out 2/3 of his force.  Everyone had a good time.

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