Latest miniatures painted

KV-1 and T-34D Soviet WWII tanks

Over the last month I have found a bit of time to paint a set of miniature German & Soviet Eastern Front tanks.  You can see a slide show of some of them.

For fathers day, I also received the following PFC-CinC miniature tanks:

  • 3 Tiger I
  • 3 Panzer IIf
  • 9 SDKFZ 251 / 1D
  • 3 SDKFZ 251 / 9-75L24
  • 3 SU 85
  • 3 T70 A

I have some Dutch YPR-765s to paint first though.

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  1. True, though I believe that miniatures were exempted. Since then, many manufacturers have reduced their lead content, though many do state that they should not be used by those who are fourteen years old and younger. I spray prime mine to seal them in and recommend hand washing after picking up unpainted miniatures.

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