Latest 1/2400 Superior Ships

Every week I plan to post the best pictures from a manufacturer of the latest crop of 1/2400 modern warship miniatures pictures I have gathered. There are about eight months more of pictures.

This week the miniatures are from Superior. Painters are included in the description. You can find the whole archive at When Imagination Fails.

ESSO Tanker by Bill Wright
French CV Clemenceau by Dan Arute
Random Ships by sulaksfzoo
Spanish FFG Baleares (Knox-class) by gak8346
Soviet Assorted Ships by bootsbootscollectables44
Soviet CG Slava by thingz.u.want4
Soviet CVH Moskva by Steve Jolly
Soviet FFG KrivakII by dethkor
Soviet LST Alligator by gak8346
MS Atlantic Causeway (SD14MS) by Bill Wright
US CVA Kitty Hawk by gak8346
US CVN Enterprise by gak8346
US CV Forrestal by gak8346
US LHA Tarawa by gak8346
US LST Newport by thingz.u.want4

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