Thinking Ahead

I am going to be at the Kristen Hersh Electric Trio concert at ONCE later in the month and I need to decide what lens to bring.

I have two square posters of the cover art from the Throwing Muses Hips & Makers album that I have framed and which I want to hang with the above picture of Tanya Donelly (I realize she isn’t on the album, we do with what we have) and a new picture of Kristen Hersh.

Kristin Hersh - Hips and Makers.jpg
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I photographed the Tanya Donelly concert there back in 2016 and I looked at the focal length, f-stop, shutter speed and ISO setting of the photographs I shared:

Tanya Donelly 9/30/2016 ONCE Somerville Concert

I used my Nikon 55-300mm and tended to take pictures from the back or the front sides. Most of the pictures I shared had a focal length of between 55mm and 120 mm. Must suffered from slow shutter speeds and high ISO settings.

I need to use a faster lens to get the shutter speed up and ISO down for sharper pictures. I have two possibilities. One is a wide angle zoom lens outside of the range of focal lengths I used. The other is a telephoto prime within the range of focal lengths I used. Neither is ideal and having to swap between them would be a pain. Another possibility would be to rent a fast zoom lens.

I may go to another show at ONCE before and test our how my lenses work, as well as try some composition ideas, before deciding which option to choose.

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